Denmark Doctors Declare Circumcision of Healthy Boys Ethically Unacceptable

It costs about $200, or that is the approximate reimbursement amount. Anything more than this is highway robbery. Should this be reimbursed? I’m not sure a cost that low really matters.

In the US, each State sets their own rules. In some case, like New York City, the city board of health sets the rules.

The State has responsibilities for the welfare of children that supersedes the parent’s. the US Supreme Count has sided with the State on many such cases.

However, good hygiene can accomplish a great deal in itself, and most of the benefits are primarily applicable to adults. An adult could make an informed decision to have the procedure done.

So, apparently you don’t have a direct answer for either of my simple questions?
I am glad of the right of paramedics to adminster blood products, so no medical neoLudditism rides behind the questions.

These social/religious issues always have a cost component. If insurance companies can save a few bucks by not paying for circumcisions, or birth control, or anything else they will always argue for not paying.

I thought I answered accurately. State and local government has jurisdiction on healthcare rules. For example, a procedure can be covered in one State and be banned in another. The difference between Texas and New Jersey can be totally opposite. For example, you have to get vaccinated to go to school in NJ, there are no religious objections. In Texas, you can get a religious exception for anything as long as you are the right kind of Christian. :rofl:

Oh yea. I can see the lines forming now for 18 year old boys lining up to have circumcisions. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Regardless of your stance on its ethicality, let’s not trivialize it as a “minor procedure”…it is a permanent cutting off of part of your body.

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We should set up a fund where we send these little boys $200 for NOT having a circumcision. We can have a little plaque to go with it. “An atheist saved my foreskin” Award.

Sure, go for it. I’m not sure why anyone would care so much about this. I suppose everyone has strange fixations of one sort of another, and this is yours?

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Can you imagine what their girl (or boy) friends will be saying?

No fixation at all. But it does show the clash of religion and modern secular society. It is the tip :sunglasses:of the controversy.

This is not a real conflict, or at least it is not a necessary conflict. I’d rather go after the bigger problems.


Yea, we joked around too much on this one. Time to close the topic?

No need to cut it off at the head…
I’m betting on a simple and minor medical procedure, especially with health benefits for women, over any imagined penchant for “toddler to teenager and beyond” fastidious hygeine in this area. Glad to hear you admit it’s really a non-issue.

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It’s an issue for me, if minor. I don’t think it should have been done to me without my consent, certainly not for such minor benefits. It’s a religious practice at the core.