Discomfort With Messiness of Science at BioLogos

Geez @Patrick, that seems spot on.

That is exactly right. It is why I’ve come to love science too. It is not an authority play, but an invitation to make sense of the evidence. If you do the hard work, and are lucky enough to see something others missed, you can change the consensus. That is friggen exhilarating, We are rewarded for careful, diligent, and constructive resistance to the consensus, because that is how science progresses.

I’ve been honestly bewildered at times how disengaged theistic evolutionists can be from the science. Not all, to be clear, but many. It almost comes off like they are making an argument from authority, without seeing the need or desiring to engage the details. The details, however, are fascinating. That is why I am here!

And I am used to being wrong, and retracting too. Usually the consensus is right, or at least its not possible usually to prove the consensus wrong. So we expect our intuitions and hunches to be wrong at times. Or maybe even often wrong. No one cares, as long as we can retract our errors, and move on past pet theories. Once again, this is why I like science so much. It is requires a lot of us, but I find it worth it. Science, in many ways, is where I found myself.

I think that’s right. Sad though, because that is the most fun part of the conversation!

The work is growing legs, but I don’t think want me back yet. I’m not sure what I would do if they did. I’m once bitten twice shy now, and do not want to be a “tool” of another person’s agenda.

Maybe it is a good thing I was pushed out…