Diversity Advocates at CCCU Schools: ‘In Some Ways, You’re Seen as a Heretic’


I’m wrapping up my 18th year at a CCCU school, and diversity has been an issue in my time here. At Houston Baptist University, we are rather unique in our student body, which is essentially a cross-section of Houston, the most diverse city in the nation by some metrics. We are an HSI, but also have a significant portion of our students from other minority groups. This is one of my favorite things about teaching here. Additionally, the staff is also rather diverse. Then we have the faculty body… We have made strides in the last few years, and I specifically asked about this issue in a Zoom interview when we were looking at removing the “interim” for our acting Provost (white male, as you might guess). He acknowledged the issue and said he was also concerned about the issue of having our students be able to see themselves in the faculty body. I’m please to say that the Spring hires (for the Fall) have been quite diverse. Numbers were reported, but I’ve forgotten them. I am cautiously optimistic that we are not an outlier and there will be a general trend toward a more diverse faculty body in CCCU institutions.

I appreciate the article on this very important issue!


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