DNA and the Virgin Birth


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Then just don’t sip out of this cup.

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Thanks for the help.

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Not sure how this topic got bumped, but at this juncture, as a larger comment, we can all agree that, though some miracles are more ones of timing, well within the usual means of the natural order (an embankment upriver collapses and dams the Jordan river at just the right time for the people to walk across without getting wet, e.g.), others seem to be inconceivable as having arisen purely from within the natural order.
But even those “kinds” take place WITHIN the natural order, and have the potential for being explored as to how the miraculous interacted with the natural order.
That doesn’t put the explanation in class of “scientific mechanisns,” but are only an elucidation of the potential means.
Hope that clarifies. Probably very few will actually even be interested in this, frankly, and that’s cool.