Does Quantum Evolution Make Any Sense?

I was forwarded these links, with the caveat that Goswami is on the “wacky side.”

I’ve looked at a few, but don’t quite follow their point. What do you think? Does quantum evolution make any sense?

Red flags abound here. Looking at your second to last reference: New journal in the “OMICS” group; two authors of three in the Dermatology department; nearly incoherent, only semi-literate abstract showing no evidence of editing or even proofreading. Not a good start.


Still trying to figure out what NeuroQuantology is. Are these all real journals?

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It’s been called a wild invention and a claptrap by other neuro journals.


@swamidass, we need to find you a hobby :slightly_smiling_face:. You’ve too much free time on your hands if you are wandering down those rabbit holes.


Well that’s one reason i maintain this forum, to help me with due diligence. My spot check certainly revealed red flags. But what are the legitimate kernels of insight here? Anything recoverable?

Red flags are supposed to spare you from the effort of digging.


You spent more time typing that than this deserves. Which means you’re young and still impressionable. :smiley:

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I laughed at NeuroQuantology (seriously, that’s funny) then clicked on the DOI and got this LITERAL RED FLAG.

So I think this thread should be labelled “quackery that even Christians should avoid” and be shunted to a siding. Perhaps deleted?


I see no harm in having this public. It won’t injure any of us to clarify what the issues we see are here. Such an activity is likely to be beneficial to important observers.

  • Life is short
  • Time is therefore precious
  • Advice on which rabbit-holes to avoid is therefore worth heeding

I think people just like the term Quantum…Bethel church recently published a book on Quantum Mysticism and the Physics of Heaven…what a load of garbage that is…people just don’t understand what quantum means and try and attach it to whatever “new” idea they have.

Maybe this should be a quantum topic with quantum responses in a quantum thread…we can reach a quantum understanding to these quantum problems…just playing…time for another series of jokes…

I picked up Johnjoe McFadden’s book “Quantum Evolution” (2000) a while ago but haven’t got around to reading it yet. Skipping to the later chapters and flicking around, the key ideas are that quantum mechanics can explain non-random mutations with respect to fitness (i.e. adaptive mutations induced by environment), and also explain the origin of irreducibly complex structures via exploration of the sequence-space multiverse according to the many worlds interpretation.

The details of the physics are beyond me but apparently don’t stand up to scrutiny (e.g.

I originally came across the book because McFadden has worked on this quantum biology stuff with Jim Al-Khalili, a really good British science communicator on physics, so it’s a little disappointing.

The only recoverable information is related to the process of mutation at the molecular level. There’s no doubt that quantum effects play a part at the smallest scales. However, I don’t see how they can scale up those quantum molecular interactions to the whole organism.

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…or why those quantum effects should be biased toward adaptive mutations.


Oh boy. I thought I had weird ideas…but…that’s definitely special.

Rule of thumb: Appending the word ‘quantum’ to most contexts generally leads to muddledness. Or perhaps, muddled thinkers tend have problems distinguishing their asses from a hole in the ground.

Ah, see, that’s Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, applied to subterranean cavities and primate orifices. You were too quick to judge.

Lol! I used to use the phrase heisenbergs uncertainty principle a lot from Christian apologetics books. Gotta admit, I don’t really have a clue what I was on about with it and certainly never understood it but it sounded good at the time

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I would like to point out that there’s not much difference. An ass is a burro, and a hole in the ground is a burrow. Just one letter of difference.