Does YEC Affect Mainstream Science?

I agree with you that there influence is mainly limited in terms of direct control over science, the YEC crowd does affect science through other methods.

  • Incredibly opportunity loss (the disparaging of science and the negative cultural context and constant friction between groups) affects millions of people

(I teach science and math at a conservative Christian school and this dynamic does not change that much as time goes on)

  • Allegiance of many YEC communities with conservative politics (in Canada, the last conservative prime minister controlled scientists ability to publicize, discuss, and present findings (“protecting intellectual property”), significantly cut some environmental branches funding and destroyed some research papers…). I can imagine at least to some extant, this occurs in the US as well.

Anti-science positions can directly and indirectly affect the process of science. It may be limiting funding to an extent (different priorities) to any other measure.

Ultimately, the social cost is incredible for people in these communities and for society in general.


Not to mention that, because of YEC anti-science views, many people who wish and can become excellent scientists, won’t get the opportunity.


We might argue that limits on human stem-cell research were in part influenced by YEC views, but maybe I’m giving YEC too much credit here?

There is a certain segment of the population who may have supported limiting the CDC from conducting firearms injury research. There would be overlap with YECs here, but correlation is not causation. It does make you wonder.

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YEC/ID are the most famous, poular, contrary intellectual criticisms to have come in science in a long time.
Its only about origin issues. it forces desperate court cases to stop creationism from reaching the public.
a discrimination in all institutions.
Yet still it has great influence, rising influence, on origin matters.
This blog/forum exists because of this and posters here come here because they perceive a creationist threat or are interested in creationist ideas.
America has tens of millions of people who reject evolutionism, or believe in Gods practical fingerprints on nature or in a God created universe.
We have a intellectual influence. A scientific one. Not about grants and hiring or the space program.
I think YEC/ID are fantastic progressively conquering.
Finding audiences is our problem. not our influence on ideas in origins.
Thats why the hAM/NYE debate was so, so, so, great!
we need more. I wish there was mopr forums/blogs with great numbers of viewers/posters.
its strangely quiet. On some sometimes i’m the only YEC.

Thank you, @djkriese!

Not only are your statements correct, they are OBVIOUSLY so!

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