Draper's Paper on Irreducible Complexity

That’s a bit silly. That crack in the door allows for components to be added one at a time until there are 20 or so components.

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I completely agree.

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I don’t think he has realized this though. That is the problem.

Ironically, the latest book Darwin Devolves, seems to have missed the importance of negative selection.

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He has, he just has a very bad argument against it. Every additional component you add to the system reduces the probability of that particular combination of components.

Philosopher Paul Draper has done a nice overview and rebuttal to all of Behe’s various versions of the IC argument, an exposition of which can be found here:

Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box: Paul Draper’s Critique

Behe has never responded to Paul Draper’s critique. He’s simply ignored that it even exists. Draper’s article can be found here: https://place.asburyseminary.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1868&context=faithandphilosophy

Paul Draper’s work was so persuasive it changed Plantinga’s mind about IC

Do you have references to this? I may highlight this on the blog soon.

About Plantinga?

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He relies on Draper’s work in his book “Where the conflict really lies”. Would you like the chapter and page numbers?

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Dang @Rumraket. You are everywhere. Lol.
Behe’s Continues to Ignore His Strongest Philosophical Critic | Jeffery Jay Lowder

Haha, I’ve been around in the decade or so I’ve been active in this whole debacle. I registered on the old richarddawkins.net forums (which no longer exist) back in 2009, after having been a lurker there for about a year. That’s nothing though. I’ve seen posts from people who post here going back to the old talk.origins discussions from 1998. Imagine having fought this nonsense for over 20 years.


This article, I think, has it spot on:

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