Eddie and John on C.S. Lewis

I didn’t undertake to do so. I merely rejected the charge that he had no interest in creating worlds, since that’s plainly false; it’s one of the motifs of his entire life from childhood, as you’d know if you’d read anything about his life, e.g., his autobiography, and of course it’s evident in his creation of “Venus” and “Mars” for the space trilogy. You may say that the worlds he created were dull, or insipid, or unpleasant, or inferior to the world created by Tolkien, etc. That’s your right. It doesn’t make your original statement any less false.

Nobody ever made that charge. The charge is that he didn’t create a world. Now we’re apparently arguing about what “create a world” means, in which I have little interest.

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If you weren’t willing to clarify the meaning of the term that you used, you shouldn’t have made any statement containing the term.

As most people would naturally read your statement, your statement was false. Lewis did manage to create a world, several times. Whether you like the worlds that he created is another question entirely.

I think most people actually understood the meaning. You’re the outlier.

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Your empiricism is rather shaky. How do you get “most”, when the only other people who responded directly to your claim took it in the way that I did? Are you divining what all the silent readers here thought?

Yes, just as you are.

Let’s leave the silent readers out of it, and concentrate on the readers who have responded to your original claim. It appears they all read it as I did. If you want to brush that fact aside, you are entitled to do so, but in your shoes, I would conclude that the communication difficulty was caused by what I wrote, not by the readers.

In any case, whatever you originally meant, you are now clearly asserting that Lewis never created a world, and that is false. All readers of Lewis know that it is false. So I’m done with this topic, but if you want to keep defending yourself, you are welcome to do so.

I’m happy to be done. This is a quibble over the meaning of “created a world”. Your meaning is different from mine.

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What a wonderful example of the “reverse ferret” manoeuvre.

Not familiar with that term. Could you explain?

“a sudden reversal in an organisation’s editorial or political line on a certain issue. Generally, this will involve no acknowledgement of the previous position.”

It’s based on a ferret’s ability to reverse direction quickly and easily when in a tube with diameter barely less than its own.


That’s great, I learned a new expression. So this otherwise ridiculously pointless discussion was not entirely without purpose.