Effectiveness of Ridicule and New Atheism

What is your definition of positive results?

It certainly seems to have given @terrellclemmons a lot of exposure to the views of Christians who affirm evolution, while previously she mostly interacted with ID. It will give TE/ECs a fairer hearing in Christian circles. The reason why ID thrives in some circles is that some Christians think it’s the only option for maintaining their faith.

Josh just now reported that he spoke at a youth conference where many came from YEC families (Jesus, Segregation, and a West County Church in STL - #16) - just one of the several conservative Christian conferences he has been allowed to speak at. Did you miss those? See, e.g. Daniel Deen and Joel Oesch: The Lutheran Voice and Crosswise Institute and also
Jeremy Smith: I Disagree with Dr. Swamidass. According to Josh, several students expressed this was the first time they heard a Christian who affirmed evolution speak. This is gradually removing the specter of evolution as a bogeyman in these communities. I would bet that a larger percentage of these children will grow up accepting the evidence for evolution as adults.

Do you not understand that none of this would be even conceivable if people aggressively denounced and made fun of YECs at every turn? Insult and aggression results in degradation of trust, no matter how good your arguments are.

Look here for a more secular example: a single man convinced 200 KKK members to leave the organization. By befriending them, not attacking them (although many would say they certainly deserved to be attacked and ridiculed).