ENV: Josh Swamidass on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Washington

Dr. Swamidass then headed to Seattle where he spoke last night at the University of Washington on “Human Identity and the Meaning of Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation with a Secular Humanist and a Scientist Christian.” It was good to see Josh in the flesh.

Josh gave a nice presentation with AI/consciousness basics about Alan Turing, John Searle’s Chinese Room, etc. The most interesting thing I heard was his passing mention of Alfred Wallace, co-founder with Charles Darwin of the theory of evolution by natural selection, and “Wallace’s Doubt” about whether human consciousness could have evolved in a Darwinian manner. Actually, this is a question on which Wallace broke with Darwin, becoming arguably a forerunner of ID.

…you could submit questions through a website. I asked, under my first name only, “Where do you think Alfred Russel Wallace’s doubt about the unguided evolution of human consciousness stands today? Sounds a bit like intelligent design

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A researcher from Washington University speaking at the University of Washington? I bet that confused a few people. :wink:

It is interesting that David Klinghoffer expected his question on evolution to be answered in a forum on artificial intelligence.