Ethan Siegel's latest on inflation - before the Big Bang

Ethan Siegel’s latest on what happened before the Big Bang. He describes the inflation period before matter, before radiation, before time there was just space. Space exponentially expanded causing universes to pop into existence from nothing. Then in a space about the size of a soccer ball, our universe is created from a quantum fluctuation into all the matter, energy, radiation of our universe - the big bang. The rest is an expanding universe we see today.

I always love his articles. Already read that one.

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The phrase “from nothing” is so incoherent. When someone says “from nothing” you are implying a spatial location. I’m FROM Alabama. But that’s nonsense. Nothing doesnt have a spatial location. It’s nothing. I wish people, especially certain theologians, mainly Craig, would stop saying it.

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Yes, the phrase Theologians use “creation from nothing” has been shown scientifically to be an impossibility. QM says “nothing is impossible”, empty space not empty, must have something because nothingness is unstable. QM has been around for over a hundred years, it is time for theologians to be more knowledgeable about it and stop making claims from the pre-QM understanding of the reality of the world.

Creationists certainly say silly things. They certainly do not have a monopoly on silly statements. Science has not shown creation from nothing is impossible.

“From nothing” is kind of incoherent though and I think people need to stop saying it. When you say “from” you are implying a spatial location. But nothing doesn’t have a spatial location. It’s nothing.

Edit: just realized I said the same thing a few posts up. Oopsies