Evolution and the Problem of Evil

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Originally published at: http://peacefulscience.org/harris-evolutionary-evil/

At most, these arguments would demonstrate that man-imaged theism and evolution are in conflict, however, they do not unsettle a Jesus-grounded faith. There is nothing in evolutionary evil more unsettling than this: that an all-powerful God would give His only Son over to suffering and death. I am no more disturbed by evolution than I am by this. That suffering might move us “from good to perfect” is not how we would make the world, but it is entirely coherent in light of the God we find by Jesus.

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The astute will notice I linked to @jongarvey’s unpublished book on God’ Good Earth which does a deep dive on this.


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Poor @jongarvey, didn’t you know that everything on the web is permanent?


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Yes, but when one is making a pitch to publishers, it doesn’t help to make it obvious. I should add that the pitch included adding chapters and revising, indexing etc. Still, if the archive is useful to people, so be it.

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