Evolution News on origins and evidence


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I hate going there, can we get a summary?


From the article:

“Certainly, though, our communities are failing young people in particular who, when they get out into the world, will be confronted by the edifice of scientific materialism, with all its power and prestige, and the corrosive culture it sustains.”

Perhaps they are failing young people by making them choose between religious belief and and the wonders of scientific discovery. When you teach young people that the Bible says evolution is false it may have a different result than they expect. I think they assume young people will take the same route they have which is to reject evolution outright in order to preserve their beliefs. However, there is a rather obvious alternate path where young people see all of the evidence for evolution and then conclude that the Bible is false. Ironically, the article doubles down on the very thing it tries to criticize.

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