Evolution Quiz (7 questions from the BBC)

It only take a minute!


Much has been made of the last question, which isn’t about evolution and is not a matter of determinable fact. But I think it’s #5 that’s the big problem. The correct answer is of course “True”, but the BBC thinks it’s “False”, an unfortunately common misconception.


I can’t see the test unless I go through it again. But I’m guessing that’s the one about monkeys.

I went with “False”, because I guessed that was what they probably wanted. But I agree with you that it should be “True”.

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Sure – but the common ancestor was also a monkey, for any reasonable definition of “monkey”. If we wanted to be cladistic, then humans are monkeys, but “monkey” in common usage refers to any non-ape (and non-human) simian, which includes our ancestors prior to the split between Old World monkeys and apes. And if we could see the ancestor, we’d call it a monkey.

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I got 6/7. however they try to say religion is not threatened by darwin. Good grief. its whole point is deny protestant christianity.
it was a stupid test because the questions were picked to defeat common errors.
its propaganda. typically false brit propaganda.
They know america rejects evolutionism and so they insist nobody does it there.
i think we are smarter and less servile.
why don’t they show the audience YEC/ID criticisms. then ask them what they think. they will only think, otherwise, what they are taught as a fact. like in the soviet Union.

No, that was never the point. It is true, however, that some atheists use it that way.

I’m inclined to agree with that.

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