Evolving Virtual Beings: Complex Behavior from Nothing

Below is a link to Thorton Reil’s TED Talk about using evolution to speed up the enhacement cycle of computer-based brains to build up a catalog of behavioral responses too complicated for a human to program!

See link for an excellent 10 minutes of YouTube in the posting below!

Some really fine 10 minutes of discussion and video - - regarding some incredible developments in Chaos-Theory-enhanced A.I. can be found here in this 2019 link on a documentary put together by Jim Al-Khalili.

Go to time stamp 52:00, and meet Thornton Reil, who has harnessed evolutionary theory to make his video game technology more complex than any human could have created himself in the same amount of time!:

Four notable screenshots on computer-enhanced software evolution

@swamidass, if you haven’t already, I hope you get a chance to either see either the TED Talk, or the 10 minutes from the 2019 documentary!

This is the computational proof that information and complexity can evolve from nothing !!!

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