Extreme Lookalikes May Share Much Deeper Ties Than We Ever Realized


What do you make of this?

. “These findings do not only provide clues about the genetic setting associated with our facial aspect, and probably other traits of our body and personality, but also highlight how much of what we are, and what defines us, is really inherited or instead is acquired during our lifetime,” the authors write.


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Interesting fusion of art and science. A google search on the name of the photographer referenced in this paper brings up a number of lookalikes - some seem distinguishable, others are quite uncanny.

Google Image search - Francois Brunelle

Photographer’s website



Wasn’t this like, always obvious? “You have your mothers eyes”. Yeah, why? Cuz you got her genes. People who look more alike are also likely more closely related. At the very least in the parts of their genomes that affect how they look.

This is one of my favourite games when I go to a painting exhibition. I always try to find a resemblance between the characters in the paintings and people in real life. And guess what? I almost always find one, whether it’s among my close acquaintances or celebrities. Very entertaining!

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Seems you’re not the only one!


It wasn’t entirely impossible that different genotypes could have produced uncannily similar phenotypes. Nonetheless, given enough shuffles you can still find two people who were dealt nearly the same hand, so it’s not surprising that it can happen at a genetic level.

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