From the Beginning: Question from a High School Student

Apparently I’m not up to date on a lot of issues. I think I need to do some more researching before I can informedly ask any more questions.

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I had forgotten about my question about exegesis and hermeneutics. The reason I asked is because I wanted to know their view on what Jesus meant about “In the beginning of creation…” There are more than one ways to interpret that verse apparently, but I want to know what the author originally meant.

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@faithdefender you are quoting an argument abandoned by YEC scientists a long time ago. See here:

Drops the Paluxy River Fossils: Snelling makes no mention of the fossils found in the riverbed of the Paluxy River. To their credit, most young-earth proponents (with a few notable exceptions) admit that the supposedly human footprints are in fact not human at all. Henry Morris’ son, John Morris publicly acknowledges that none of the prints “can today be regarded as unquestionably of human origin.”

Read the article. The current explanation for the lack of human and dino fossils together is that they lived in different biomoes, and never interacted.

Keep in mind YEC as you know it is very recent, from the 1950ish period. It is not a traditional way of understanding Genesis.

Me too! I think this is the goal of most of us here. The problem is that there are often multiple viable answers. So the tricky thing is to handle many smaller questions & answers and find the more probable overarching models that best fit all the data. Every “position” has its strengths & weaknesses. The first step to Certainty Anonymous is to admit we have a problem. :slight_smile: Glad you are here as we all wrestle together in seeking the truth.


@Faithdefender if you like to read history of movements, Ronald Number’s classicThe Creationists is well worth the time.

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Thank you Joshua for referring to my work, sadly I am currently too occupied with other commitments to participate in the discussions.

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No problem. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in HK. So much to catch up on.

How is your book coming?

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