Genesis Theology: Patristic Understandings

This should be of interest here.

Here’s another one, this one from Serbia.

Here’s an interesting part.

What is remarkable in this discussion is the response from a group of orthodox theologians, teaching at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the Belgrade University. (For a version of this document in Serbian, please see here; for an English version, see here.) A group of 11 faculty members released an official statement explaining why this petition is inappropriate and even anti-Orthodox. The reasoning of this remarkable document is elegant and clear. It begins with a legal reflection that none of the agencies that received the petition can alter scientific theories because such right belongs only to the science itself following appropriate and exhaustive scientific research. It concludes with a resonant statement: “We believe that there is no reason why education in biology, physics, anthropology or geography (as “theories” in all of these fields can be found in the Bible just as well as those concerning the origin of life) should include the study of biblical narration, which apparently deals with the same issues as these sciences. The Holy Bible is not, and it was never meant to be, a textbook or an ultimate source for arbitration in any scientific discipline.”

@Mark @swamidass what do you think?


I think Woloschak is right. Haha. I don’t think I need to say more.

Actually, I do. I agree about evolution but what are these other “rigorist” positions? These terms need be clearly defined and not thrown around half-hazardly. As Alvin Plantinga says, “fundamentalist” is simply a term we use for anyone to the right of ourselves. Not helpful.