God dogs evolution as U.S. eases away from faith, creationism

The more I study the evolutionary history of life on Earth and the more I study the Bible, the more convinced I am that God worked through geologic time to prepare Earth as a habitat uniquely suited to human flourishing. I see Genesis 1 as a divinely-revealed history completely in alignment with the geologic history of the planet Earth.

I suppose if someone only studied science, they would not be able to recognize God’s handiwork in nature. And I suppose if someone only studied the Bible, they might not understand that scientific discoveries shouldn’t threaten them.

I think it is sad that the only bone many Christians are thrown when they leave Young Earth Creationism behind is theistic evolution. There is so much more.

Yes, there is so much more. Accepting of science, human reasoning, human empathy, and human ingenuity provides so much more to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. God isn’t necessary to have a good, meaningful, and purposeful like.

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