Gpuccio on Common Descent

Continuing the discussion from Gpuccio: Functional Information Methodology:

@Gpuccio just joined our forum, and the conversation is unfolding about how he has computed FI gains to infer design at the vertebrate transition. I am sure some disagreements will be uncovered. At the same time, i wanted to explore our common ground.

One place of common ground appears to be @gpuccio’s affirmation of common descent, which makes his connection to Uncommon Descent somewhat of a misnomer. This puts him in a rare group of “theistic evolutionists” within ID, that includes Michael Behe and Denton.

He states:

Another poster here, @Giltil, has commented on this recently too.

At some point, I’d like to look more closely at the argument for common descent that @gpuccio is making. I am hopeful this will be a place of common ground.


@Giltil I’ll try to give that a read - but I already running a few weeks behind, so no promises! :slight_smile: