Greg Cavin’s Debate on the Resurrection

It arrived in my kindle this morning as well.

And for those interested here are the slides for a debate Greg Cavin did about the resurrection. Many consider this approach to be the best argument against the resurrection. And I agree:


Yeah I remember that debate. I think it was after I watched that, that I realized that the more certain you are that a man died, the less believable does it become when someone claims he was later seen alive.

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I scrolled through all 400+ of those slides and never found the part where he offered the better explanation for the evidence that was promised at the beginning of the presentation. Did I miss something?

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Some are spread throughout. But remember these are just slides. Need to watch the debate to get everything. Also, remember one of his contentions was you don’t need a better explanation to deny another explanation.

It’s a good debate. I recommend. I like Licona a lot. Nice guy