Holidays: A Time of Rejoicing

The Christian and Jewish holidays are coming. Thanksgiving is a holiday where our ancestors gave thanks to God whether in New England or in Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English Colony in America. We thank God for our nation and its freedoms. That includes freedom of religion or philosophy. Then there is Christmas and other celebrations with other groups. Our nation needs these special times to regain hope and happiness. For Christians, the most important holiday is Good Friday and Easter, times that represent death, burial, resurrection and salvation for those of us who accept these gifts. For the Jews, it is Passover, when God freed His people from slavery in Egypt. No human being of any belief should be a slave. What will I be doing these sacred times: I shall be looking at creation and thinking about what is beyond it. Believe me, there is more than we see. No scientist can really and truly deny that wonderful prospect. I will be here in Chesapeake for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter serving my savior. There will be others doing other things, their traditions whether I agree with them or not. This is my last word on this subject. The Apostle Paul wrote it.

I know whom I have believed that He is able, to teach that which I have committed, unto Him against that day.

John 14:1-3 and John 3. Remember don’t be angry because you do not follow a religious view. Just show love for your fellow human beings no matter their beliefs. I Corinthians 13. Remember that love is important any time of the year.

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We’ll have to remember to wish some folks here a Happy “Nothing in Particular” Day, when the time comes… ; )

I know, and I wish it were different than that; however, the US Constitution gives them religious freedom to accept what they wish. Just follow 1 Corinthians 13. Love is the key.

I am happy to show love by identifying with others, while not “hiding my candle.”
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Don’t you agree that love is the key among mankind: 1 Corinthians 13. The KJV uses charity that once meant love.

Yes, every Friday is Good Friday to me. :grinning:

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Hello friend Patrick. Welcome.

I am not in agreement with God granting Americans its freedoms as the First Amendment to the US Constitution is in direct opposition to the first of the ten commandments - Thou shalt have no other gods before me

That is your right to feel the way you do.

Actually no. Humans are a social animal and has evolved such that cooperation is needed to live in a modern society. Loving your neighbor has nothing to do with living a meaning and purposeful life. Most people living in an urban lifestyle don’t even know their neighbors.

My family and I really enjoys Christmas. An American secular post-Catholic Christmas season.

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Here we disagree; however, that is your right. I do have a question, however. Don’t you love your family? I am sure you do in same form of affection.

I would call that love.

Of course I do. Family has always came first with me. Well before God and Country.

I have known you before. I won’t say where. I believe you were once Catholic. I mean no disrespect; however, you did not seem to like the Catholic Church. I will not ask you why. That is your private belief.

Yes I was baptized a Catholic, Went to Parochial School until 8th grade. Married in a Catholic Church. I have been a skeptical Catholic since 2nd Grade. Never bought into the transubstantiation as a 7 year old as I couldn’t conceive that the body and blood of a 2000 year old corpse would taste good. Lived until 2001 as a Cultural Catholic (in the closet Catholic Atheist). I thought that having some sort of squishy belief were not harmful to living life. 911 changed that, when I realized that beliefs can do horrible harm to people, society, the world. Upon reading the God Delusion, I realized that I couldn’t be an in the closet on the sideline Cultural Catholic Atheist, so I went militant atheist as it is now called.


We can talk more tomorrow. My Third Cousin was on the news. He is an artist. As a Protestant, I believe that the Holy Spirit is in the bread and wine, but it does not literally become the flesh and blood of Jesus. I also do not believe in purgatory either. Interesting talk, my friend. Tomorrow perhaps if you would like to. That was my cousin Ralph Wolfe Cowan. He painted a portrait of Kate Middleton recently as well as Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of Great Britain.

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I am not in agreement with God granting Americans its freedoms as the First Amendment to the US Constitution is in direct opposition to the first of the ten commandments.

Some might argue the Ten Commandments are for the Israelites, not the world at large. In other words, if you’re going to be a part of God’s people then you can’t be worshiping other gods. Kinda like when teenagers talk about being “exclusive” :smiley: In that case I’m not sure that the First Amendment and First Commandment are mutually exclusive. You might say “Love your neighbor as yourself” might be more the more First Amendment friendly commandment.

I am saying the First Amendment guarantees our right to have no God.