Homo naledi buried their dead 100,000 years before humans | CNN

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Which leads to the question of which creationists/creationist organisations classify Homo naledi as human, and which classify them as unrelated apes?

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@Joel_Duff has a couple of YouTubes


So, first fire, now rock art and burying their dead. One wonders how many human practices H. naledi must be found to have had before Ken Ham & ICR change their minds (and quietly erase their previous “just an ape” view).

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Hi everyone,

Methinks there is a rush to judgement in this post. For a skeptical view of the claims made on behalf of Homo naledi, please see here:

Scientists Are Skeptical that Intelligence in Homo naledi “Erases Human Exceptionalism” by Casey Luskin at Evolution News.

A rare article by Luskin that seems fairly accurately reported. But probably better to cite his major source:

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