How Goes The Skeptical Zone

Greg, or “Lizze” (Grizzie?), doesn’t seem very skeptical. Additionally, the site doesn’t seem particularly significant, by its own description.

Currently, we are down to not much more than 100 individual site visits daily (from a hey-day of 600 to 700 daily) and there is a core of no more than fifty members active at least once a month with very few new participants.

@colewd is this what you weree talking about?

Here is the TSZ post

April 30, 2019 at 8:08 pm said:

swamidass ,

I followed you link and actually signed up to PS, but this particular topic doesn’t show a Reply button for me. Other topics do. Am I doing something wrong?

To quote Anita, "Everyone there will have moved here".

The shrinking of volume of TSZ traffic doesn’t surprise me. From the beginning, it seems to me, the main purpose of TSZ was to provide a forum for those who had gripes against creationism and ID (mostly the latter). But an organization devoted to a purely negative purpose, whose members have little in common, except that they all hate the same thing, is not likely to be able to maintain itself indefinitely. You can only say “ID sucks” in a limited number of variations, and after a few thousand repetitions of that, even those who are onside will get bored and look for something new in internet entertainment.

PS, on the other hand, has a positive mission; it allows criticism of ID, but its mission isn’t to destroy ID, but to find new ways of relating science and faith.

The same contrast could be made with BioLogos, though the contrast would not be quite as stark as in the case of TSZ. BioLogos sometimes tried to put forward a genuine positive theological position, but often it behaved as if its whole mission in life was to destroy creationism and ID. Thus, those of its followers who are looking not merely for the negation of something, but for the affirmation of something, have come here.

If I may make a pitch for another site whose focus is on affirming rather than negating, I would suggest Hump of the Camel.

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