How Many Unique Phylogenetic Topologies?

Interesting question comes up here: How to calculate rooted bifurcatingtree shapes - Homeschool Forum - The BioLogos Forum.

I couldn’t resist coding up the answer here: - Number of Trees


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Would someone mind posting a link back to this post on the original posting? I’m sure that Uniduni_Te would like to see the answer. Now comes the challenge of carefully explaining the proof that this is correct.

Hi friends!

I’m studying about phylogenetic tree shapes. Most precisely about calculate all possible rooted bifurcatingtree shapes (not labeled). A book of Felsenstein named “Inferring Phylogenies” gives an algorithm to calculate that, but I don’t understand how to.

can anybody help me with a step by step example??

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Hello @Uniduni_Te, glad to have you here. I answered on another thread:

very thanks!

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