How the Babel Fish Proves God's Existence (Schrodinger's Cat Model)

To read this, first you must be familiar with Oolon Colluphid’s supposition concerning the Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

So let’s look at where we are now. A cosmic creation that let’s you know all languages ever does not currently exist (sorry Star Trek). By it’s sheer non existence that means that there is no proof and therefore that belief,(Faith) in a higher being is valid, since no such clear cut proof has been found. Yet, let’s say that the need for (co)existence arises where such a thing as a Babel fish has to exist to allow further fundamental existence between one or more organisms. This compels the higher being to make it so, thereby undoing it’s existence due to proof rising above faith. Which then collapses the form of existence for everything due to the entropy such a set of circumstances creates. So this being therefore must exist in an unobservable state between everything and nothing, which is okay because that’s what brings about both order and chaos. Therefore God does exist, by sheer fact that (S)he can’t not exist through non-existence, because we do have at least one (if not more) babel fish like constructs that we use today. The prime one I’m thinking of is electricity. We know it’s real, but is it really? Our understanding places it as mostly predictable movement of electrons due to magnetic fields. Why? Yes, I know, math etc, but still…why? It happens naturally but our use of this force is anything but natural. Where would we be without harnessing it? It’s necessary for every ounce of progress we have made to be ‘modern’. We needed it, we attained somewhat mastery over it. It is our Babel fish. If taken together all the little nuances that fell into place for us to be able to harness it like we are is staggering and the odds of them happening are beyond reason. Yet it exists. Maybe we aren’t the intelligent ones that create it, maybe we are being allowed to make use of it’s creation. Who knows? Yet I see more and more how science and philosophy prove that ‘God’ might exist a lot more often than proving that (S)he doesn’t.


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