Hugh Ross is Exceptional

Hugh Ross is an exceptional case. Have I told you all yet that I really like Hugh Ross? I’m going to miss him a great deal when he is gone.

@AJRoberts, does Hugh Ross work full time? I know his a pastor at a church, so I am wondering if this just his part time salary…


Hugh Ross is full time PLUS! with RTB. He pastors too, but usually just teaching a Sunday class pro bono for the kingdom.


When you see Ross today, let him know that atheists speak good words about him here, and that Swamidass and Peaceful Science thank him for his service to the Church and society at RTB. We disagree on some things, but we agree on many others. May his tribe increase.


Wow, Joshua. Morbid. :sweat_smile:

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No. It is respectful of my elder, and wishing him good will.


RTB’s Ross is worth every penny. He is an excellent teacher of modern astronomy and big bang physics. He explains complex results in a simple way. I like him in the same way I like Ethan Siegel.


What kingdom?

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Oh good. I thought for a moment that RTB was building a kingdom here on Earth which isn’t allowed for the type of 501c3 corporation that RTB is regestered as. Kingdom’s are taxed differently than 501c3 non-profit religious groups. :sunglasses:


LMAO… can I say that (or abbreviate it) without offending anyone? Or calling out the moral police?


I have long been impressed by Hugh Ross as an outstanding example of what it means to represent Christ well. I too reach different conclusions than Ross on various scientific topics (and matters of Hebrew exegesis) but he strikes me as an exemplary Christian leader. Two memories of Ross immediately come to mind:

(1) He did a lengthy radio broadcast interview with Duane Gish some years ago. He was so gracious with Gish despite strongly challenging Gish’s scientific claims. It was also very educational in all of the best possible ways.

(2) I’ve heard some of Ross’ presentations and interviews talking about his Asperger’s Syndrome. I’ve recommended them to parents, grandparents, and pastors who have questions about understanding Asperger’s spectrum people and their needs.

I could mention many other positives about Hugh Ross but those are the first which come to my mind.


Well now it is a public thread, so maybe you want to edit your shame away :smile:.

Hugh Ross saved 10th grade Mark from who knows what when he realized his bible teacher at his private Christian k-8 school had been wrong, and the earth was not 6,000 years old.

More than that, Ross and his rtb show showed me what true Christian charity towards others looks like. Ross gets screamed at from all sides. Perhaps he enrages YEC’s more because his biblical hermeneutic approach is closer to their own. But I remember listening to a particular theistic evolutionist become similarly enraged because it seemed like he was petrified of even being seen in the same room with a creationist.

The latest example of Ross keeping his cool while his “opponent” continually screams at him is his debate with Peter Atkins. Atkins’ arguments and attitude were simply terrible on all counts. Ross showed that Christianity is rational but also that he has the peace of Christ that transcends all understanding.

I completely disagree with his biblical hermeneutic, think some of his scientific conclusions unnecessary (there MUST be a supernatural origin of life, for example) and yet, I think a lot of his natural theological arguments are persuasive and his Christian attitude (including @Patrick’s revelation about his salary) very exceptional and exemplary.

Here is Ross displaying all these good qualities in his debate with Atkins. Hugh Ross vs Peter Atkins • Debating the origins of the laws of nature


Before we make Hugh Ross into the next Mother Theresa, realize that Hugh’s wife gets a $90,000 salary so together the first couple of RTB hauls in $173,000 a year. Yes Hugh is a great guy and is very good on the origins of the universe, the galaxy, and the planet, but once RTB get to human origins they (mostly Faz) seems like deniers of the mounting evidence of a multi-species mixed humanity nothing like Genesis nor RTB’s model.

Well, we do know what Christopher Hitchens thought of Mother Theresa.

As for Hugh Ross – I have some respect for him, at least in comparison to typical creationists. But I see him as having some wild ideas.

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Yes, he does have wild ideas but regarding the real substance on the astrophysics that he talks about, he always reports the science correctly and accurately. Then at the end, after explaining the science well, he adds God did it and it was explained in the Bible all along. He was able to find that the Bible talked about inflation thousands of years before Alan Guth did.

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