Human and Ape Brains

A really interesting study looks at the brains of different species. Primates are special, but humans just have bigger primate brains.

Lets think about BRAIN SIZE as a indicator of intelligence.
Would people today weigh/measure human brains? I understand men have bigger brains then women. Would this be evidence to say men are smarter then women by way of brain size??
Who says the brain size is important? Are creatures smarter with bigger beains then otherts? I think whales have bigger ones then most!
In this world where small is brillient, I mean the computer chip, is it possible big brainism is a outdated idea from the 1800’s? YES!
anyways we don’t have a brain. We only have evidence for a memory .
So why not just say humans have greater memory storage then rabbits etc?!
There is no comparison between us and primates in smarts.
Yet primates and other animals are all as smart as each other. Very low.
Is the brain size difference between us and apes justifying the intelligence gap?
No! They should be much better. Likewise comparing their brains with other creatures.
its all based on presumptions that reject the soul as the place of human thought and that head/stuff in there size equals smarts.
maybe these researchers brains size… whoops its