Human Origins Workshop With Reasons to Believe (January 2020)


Much more to fill you in on, and @AJRoberts should be writing an article. WLC, however, beat us to the punch. @Philosurfer and @colewd were there, as were several others such as @Andrew_Loke and @KenKeathley.

One Saturday I was invited to participate in an invitation-only conference on the historical Adam at the offices of Reasons to Believe (RTB) in Covina, nestled in the beautiful foothills. The morning session featured a presentation by Joshua Swamidass of his genealogical Adam hypothesis, followed by a panel discussion that included Andrew Loke of Hong Kong and Ken Keathley, both Skyped in for the occasion. In the afternoon session a quite different hypothesis was presented by Fuz Rana of RTB, followed by a panel discussion in which I participated, along with Nathan Lents, a secular scientist interested in the dialogue between science and theology. I challenged Fuz, on the basis of archaeological evidence for the early appearance of modern human behaviors, to place Adam and Eve even earlier in history than RTB contemplates (about 150,00 years ago). The discussion was charitable and stimulating and illustrates the current fluidity in contemporary Christian thinking concerning the historical Adam.


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