Humans Have Different Sets of Genes

Continuing the discussion from Comments on Darwinism's Falsification:

One of the surprising findings of recent years is that different humans often have different sets of functional genes. This finding, to my knowledge, became known through the ExAc project (is that right @glipsnort?):

A more recent paper, reviewing confirmations of this result is here:

Basically, a large number of apparently normal humans have genes that have been knocked out. They are missing the “full” complement of genes, and appear to suffer no ill effect. This demonstrates, as far as we can tell, that not all the genes we have are necessary.


It was seen prior to ExAc in Thousand Genomes data:

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If you’re talking about CNVs, they have been known to be big players in human genetic variation since at least 2004. (Two papers, cited here FYI)

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I was talking instead about natural human knockouts, cases where apparently normal humans are missing a gene entirely.

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