ICR's New Logo Twists DNA the Wrong Way

I didn’t see an “S” until you mentioned it—and now it bugs me also.

And I know from my fundamentalist background that pareidolia is a very serious sin, largely because it has an idol in it. [Two of them, actually. Yes, you have to work for that one.] Of course, apophenia in general is a sin but somehow it doesn’t sound as bad as pareidolia. That probably makes me a liberal.

Meanwhile, I invented a new word today: plagiarism.


Next time I’m in Dallas, I hope to visit their restaurant at the new The ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History. When the waiter asks for my drink order, I’ll reply with a straight face: “I might as well try your new ICR logo—with a twist.”

(Not really. It sounds too GMO for me.)


Nothing beats the real thing. I think this scanning tunneling-microscopy picture of DNA is worth a book cover all on it’s own:


Dan, I had considered contacting ICR about the wrongly-twisted DNA in their logo—but then I reminded myself of the old maxim, “No good turn goes unpunished.”


Maybe it’s not time yet?


It appears they took this option. Did they acknowledge the mistake any where or was it a stealth edit?

I see no mention of mistake or correction. It was fun while it lasted. :slight_smile:

I have since noted left-handed DNA appearing in other articles, but one of those actually mentioned left-handed DNA, so it may not have been an error.


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