Impact of Migrations and Evolution on Human Immunity

Here is an important paper on the effect of migration and evolutionary processes has on Human Immunity. It completely refutes the Gauger paper in Biocomplexity. This is real human history support by genetic data, not made up stuff like in Gauger paper.

The history of mankind is also the history of millions of individuals wandering around the world, looking for a better place to live.

I don’t agree.

Well, okay, I have read the ENV post, but not the Biocomplexity article.

It seems to me that Gauger makes only a very weak claim, one that is too weak to be refuted by the kind of data in the report that you linked.

I take Gauger to only be claiming that a de novo couple 500,000 years ago is consistent with the evidence of genetic diversity. She does not appear to claim that it is consistent with the evidence of human migrations, etc.

Personally, I see the Gauger idea as implausible. But I won’t go so far as to say that it is completely refuted.


Really interesting papers!

Not sure how any of this data pushes more ancient than 700 Kya.

Pushes what more ancient than 700 KYa?

Humans, millions of them, made up of several species of Hominin were all over Africa and Eurasia for millions of years. Every person’s genome shows this. Every ancient person’s genome shows this also. No bottlenecks of two ever, no de Novo creation ever.

Certainly Gauger didn’t show anything about species interbreeding that took place for millions of years including several as recent as 45,000 years ago as her model had none of this. The Gauger model is a contrived model using a trival metric ( a few gene averages) to come up with a predetermined result to relieve her own cognitive dissonance on all the new a-DNA data coming out in human origins. She is stuck in this null space where science, ID, and ancient Christian theology intersect.

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A de novo couple 500,000 years ago is not consistent with genetic diversity because it assumes sole progenitorship when we already know that species interbreeding took place between multiple species in multiple places around Africa and Eurasia. The problem with de novo couple is both location and time. We know that there were millions of humans spread over all of Africa and Eurasia for at least 1.8 million years. The simulation model Gauger uses is too simplistic and doesn’t take into account species interbreeding.