Inferring human evolutionary history

The power and resolution of tree-recording methods promise to help clarify the evolutionary history of humans and other species. It is likely that the most powerful ways to infer evolutionary history going forward will have their foundations firmly set in these methods

@Patrick already posted about this referencing a popular article on this thread Largest ever human family tree: 27 million ancestors perhaps @moderators could combine?

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Doesn’t this blow away the single couple arguments? And the genealogical Adam as the ancestor of everyone alive 2000 years ago?


It’s interesting comparing this against Nathaniel Jeanson’s creationist family tree. Brings up such questions as:

“Wait, why are they publishing their work instead of writing books and refusing to release supplementals?”


“Where did the “black-white” people go?”


“Why didn’t they mention the middle easterners who crossed the Atlantic and conquered the mayans in AD 180 before becoming the native Americans?”

This is not at all what I expected from a human phylogeny. There isn’t a hint of conspiracy theory, race realism, or alternative history. Very disappointing, not nearly as exciting as Jeanson’s fan fic.


The scientists write about their work here: We're analysing DNA from ancient and modern humans to create a 'family tree of everyone'

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I should point out that the “largest ever human family tree” is not actually a tree. It is an “ancestral recombination graph”. That means it is a network diagram that consists of a whole bunch of trees, smushed together, different ones for different parts of the genome. (I know about these because Mary Kuhner and Jon Yamato and others in our lab worked on them from the 1990s on). This is not alarming because we are dealing with samples within a species, and the fact that we have two parents each, with genetic recombination as well, implies that all of our genealogies are not simple trees. For example, I had two parents, and got DNA from both of them, which wouldn’t happen if my genealogy were a single tree.


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