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Welcome to the forum!

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Nice to meet you @jeffb. What do you mean by “biblical creationist”?

I’ll add you to the private thread on this…

Thank you @swamidass.
“Biblical Creationist” - Phrases certainly carry meaning, don’t they? I’m a creationists who adheres to a young-earth (YEC). As a few others have, I started preferring “biblical creationists” because it’s about more than the earth’s age (young vs. old). It communicates placing a high priority on scripture (hence the “biblical” prefix), when exploring creationist narratives. I suppose that’s my best explanation.

But if you want to translate that as YEC…or any other phrase, positive or negative for that matter, I certainly don’t mind.

I read over the thread briefly, thank you. Interesting topic! I’ll research it a bit more as I have time…


If that is what you mean (placing a high priority on Scripture), I’m an example of a biblical creationists that affirmed evolution, and rejects YEC on both biblical and scientific grounds. :slight_smile:


Well it sounds like you have confidence in what you believe in, and that’s key! It’s hard to argue with a person’s confidence in their world-view. I think that’s more important than terms and phrases.


I have reasonable confidence in what I’ve seen for myself in science and in Scripture. That is not so much a worldview. Here, our goal isn’t arguing for the sake of winning. We want to understand and to be understood.

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Yes, a very good concept. I appreciate that you have that goal here. I’m not one who tries to win arguments, nor do I have any need to defend myself. But I do like good feedback; in fact I thrive on criticism. Along those lines, I do have a few questions I’d like to post here eventually.


Welcome, @jeffb

Did I understand correctly that you’re interested in doing the coding role @swamidass was advertising for?

I guess, even if your participation in the forum strongly advocates one position, I imagine your code wouldn’t. :wink:


How do you know @evograd?

The floor is yours.

Welcome to PS, Jeff.

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Couldn’t agree more. Putting the words of the Bible first, (and admitting what they clearly teach), is of paramount importance.

You just gotta be creative in how you code.

Every line a special creation


But it was, right? :wink:

Correct, code remains opinion-neutral.

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Question: Which field in our profile is displayed as our title, such as Swamidass’s “Confessing Scientist”?

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I posted a question on his blog. He suggested I post my question here. I will eventually, but being new here, it would be best if I took time to learn the community first. Lots of existing posts to read through!

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Welcome to Peaceful Science, @jeffb

I think the Discourse Software labels that field—which usually contains a member’s “title”—the NAME field.

You can choose your name and username. We choose titles, but you can make suggestions.


(I think I’ll post this here)

So…I’ve had a few questions about me, (and others may later), so I I’ll take some time to post an (all too long) “About me” page of sorts all at once. Which BTW is something I prefer not to do: talk about myself. And BTW-2, not that I’m feeling the need to, but I’m not one to defend myself. That Mohawk in my profile aught’a to tell you that.

Funny story there: After two months of COVID-work-from-home earlier this year, I let my hair grow out. Just before going back to work, for fun I shaved a Mohawk. My wife liked it. I showed my kids, and none of them liked it, so then I thought “Ok I’m definitely keeping it!”… Then I went and got earing’s and tattoo! My mom certainly doesn’t like any of it, but since I’m over 50 now, there’s not much she can say!

Ok I digress…

So in the 1st month here I’ve occasionally made comments about how my “love for science” is one reason I enjoy being a biblical creationists, to include a young earth (which is admittedly harder to defend). A few have asked for more details. As for belief in a young-earth, that took many years to study, and has so many ‘parts’ to it. Although I found my answer to be intellectually satisfying, it’s not so easy to explain briefly to others because of all the ‘pieces’ involved. At some point I’ll post about it. But by my estimate it will probably be best done in three threads (unless I can figure out a way to make it shorter).

Brief testimony (Feel free to skip!)
I got a ‘love for science’ from my father who taught science when I was young. However my true acceptance of creation is rooted in having an incredible relationship with God which began in college in the 90s.

Soon after, I started researching creation/evolution. But back in the 90s…it was tough being a creationist. After a while I just lost interest and completely stopped.
Fast forward over a decade, I decided to take up research again on creation/evolution…and was surprised at what had transpired. There were now creation websites! I started reading everything I could! It was exciting. But then at one point I actually stopped researching. I thought, “Has creation really gotten that much better??” I didn’t like the thought of living in an echo-chamber. I didn’t like the thought of believing stuff that in reality is not very solid. So I started researching as many arguments against creation I could find. I also researched arguments for evolution. It was intimidating at first, and challenging to my knowledge level at the time, but I kept at it. And in the end, that research was very satisfying. It really boosted my confidence in creation. Later I decided I wanted to share some of this with others, perhaps teach on it. But that only drove me to do something I have great conviction over: Spend a LOT of time praying over this. And I mean “God, I insist you tell me what is right here. I insist you change my mind if I am wrong. If evolution is true, I insist you tell me!” That was also satisfying. I still pray that prayer!

So…@John_Harshman, sorry for the ‘short story long’. Now to your question:

Ok, yes, I was kidding. I thought it was funny.

So my real answer: I do read a lot of creation/ID literature. But in addition, I continually do the following:

  1. Research arguments for evolution
  2. Research arguments against creation
  3. Pray “God change me if I’m wrong!”

And those three are some of my favorite things to do! I love studying evolution! Really, it’s fun! And I always take time to try and read arguments against creation (except for the super long ones). I’ve read things like Coyne’s “Why evolution is true”, and Burkeley University’s “Evolution 101” website. I always jump on any “Top evidences for evolution” (those are great to read!). When I watch creation/evolution debates, I skip the creation part and head straight to the evolution part. All this I find very satisfying.

Having said all that, I ponder your question to me. I’ve heard a number of other evolutionists allude to these “echo-chamber creationists” who “only read from creationist websites.” And I’m thinking “who are these people??” If they really do exist (which I don’t doubt some do) I’m wondering “WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???” Seriously, don’t they know how fun it is as a creationist to study evolution? Don’t they know how satisfying it is to ensure you take the time to study arguments against your own beliefs? Don’t be afraid to folks!

So John, that’s my answer…that and of course my daily lunches with Hovind and Ham. :blush: