Invitation to Egnor: Materialism and the Mind

Continuing the discussion from Michael Egnor: The Evidence against Materialism:

I am pleased to an opportunity for dialogue between Dr. Egnor and the Peaceful Science community.

We would like take this conversation deeper. Dr. Egnor, would you be willing to join the scholars at PS here for a deeper converesation?

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  3. I expect Dr. Egnor will find people who both agree and disagree with him here, and expect this could be educational for most of us.

So, Dr. Egnor, would you join us for a chat?


Thanks for doing this, Joshua. I look forward to a stimulating discussion, regardless of whether Dr. Egnor chooses to participate. But it would be better if he did!


Some of the conversation picked up here: My response to Michael Egnor's arguments against materialism.