Is All YEC Really Pseudoscience?

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I don’t think that the term pseudoscience is helpful, and I do think there are honest YECs.

I agree and I’m not doing that.

Here is one thread to engage in detail: The 10 Best Evidences for a Young Earth.

You ask us to make our case that YEC science is wrong. This thread shows exactly what you asked. More disturbingly, @jammycakes shows clear examples of dishonesty in AIG’s 10 best evidence. In your view, is God honored by falsehood? At what point are you willing to clean house? If your weights are unfair, why should we trust you?

At the very least, even if YEC is ultimately true, it would build trust to clean house and decry the bad arguments in your own camp. I was raised YEC, and it was discovering this that convinced me I could no longer trust YEC science. Now that I affirm evolutionary science, I continue to argue against bad arguments for evolution. Do the same, and you will build trust across the camps. Why not?