Is COVID-19 Created or Designed?

What does “believing through faith” mean?

Ughh. That sucks

I’m on Spring Break this week and we just received word today that residential classes are now cancelled for next week as we figure out how to try to teach classes and labs remotely. We resume remote teaching March 23rd. @jordan, @stlyankeefan, are you experiencing something similar? I have some ideas about how I can take care of labs, but I imagine the challenge would be even greater for Chemistry labs, Jordan.

P. S. The family and I went to see the Rockets game Tuesday night - so caught one of the last NBA games for quite a while…

I’m waiting to hear. We are supposed to know by tomorrow. I already teach online versions of two of my face2face classes, so I’m not worried about those. I am concerned about how I will cover labs. More importantly, my promotion interview is set for Monday. I’ve got a snazzy new power suit and I’m ready to impress. It won’t be the same if we do this by video chat.

ETA:. I just got word we’re going online. Students need to clear out of the dorms by March 22. Online classes begin March 23.

Was looking forward to the watching the opening weeked of F1 in Melbourne . . . and that’s cancelled. Wouldn’t be surprised if the first half of the F1 calendar is cancelled.

Just for fun before I head to the gym:

Was the “economic cascade” precipitated by COVID-19 created or designed?

If neither, could the same be said of COVID-19 for much the same reasons?

[Old habit. I taught undergrad as well as graduate-level computer science students.] Are the results generated by an evolutionary algorithm (genetic algorithm) created or designed by the software’s author? If the software’s author anticipated in part or whole the results of the software, does that affect your answer?

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Good question. I take it to mean belief in the absence of evidence, or at least of evidence available to other people. Are we not on the same page? What are your reasons for believing that God created everything?

We are doing an “extended” spring break. Our regular spring break is next week and we are extending it for another week to help faculty and staff prepare for whatever comes next. Our focus has been to make sure academics continue and that students are safe and have places to go.

I have had lots of discussion with my students over the last couple days about what’s going in terms of symptoms, things they need to think about, dispelling some myths (“can we get it from our pets?”), etc.


Well, my life just got turned upside down (perhaps in a good way) the last 3 days. Turns out I have no more travel scheduled for the next several months.

In terms of “sanity,” this is good news. I have been traveling about once a week for the last four months. No more!