Is Oil a fossil Fuel?

There is enough blame to go around. Instead there should be a effort not to expand our thinking. With all this talent here once we all get along I would love to explore some Ideas I have. I respect peoples ability to think. Some times hardened positions put barriers between us and hubris some times on my part and others or a lack of understanding But If the forum is up to it I think we could tolerate each other.
Just the other day for example I brought up how E=MC2 was a bit of a hoax, that C wasn’t needed, that 9,000,000 would have been just as good. No one could argue the issue well here. For all the talent.
But, doing my own research I was reading about Lise Meitner I think and how she disagreed with Newton on force. she said if you double the speed you square the force. She showed that with some clay and a ball and all the men around her really were disgruntled. A quote was something to the effect she is a talented man and her only flaw was that she was a woman or something like that.
Anyways, when I was thinking about the point I thought about E=MC2 and thought well, maybe Einstein did not explain it or I haven’t heard it, but possibly the square of light is about that same point. That it directly relates to the mass of an object.
No one here not even the information I was reading suggested such but it seemed reasonable to me.
Worse is, no one says WHY. I am speculating its about a centripetal action in an atom and that causes the exponential change rather than just doubling the force. It makes me ask why does light come out of an atom at the speed of light. I certainly don’t come out of my lazy boy that fast even if the toast is burning.
Maybe I am a dummy and people here already went to school and that was all discussed. I accept that. And if so, then I would expect that in conversation those who are experts to easily spell it out like it is nothing to describe because they have a handle on it.
But I suspect that people don’t either have the time or desire to talk down to a guy like me OR maybe they don’t know and they are embarrassed that they spent all that money on an education and its failing them on these standard need to know things.

Shucks which leads me to a accidental discovery on the update of units of measurement in 2019 and why a Meter is a Meter. It all relates to the speed of light traveling for 1 second.
Previous definition: The metre is the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second.

And if that isn’t a grand thing I don’t know what is. its redundant of course that is the answer but it points directly at time. We have a meter because we have chopped up time so the measurement of E=MC2 is as much about rate of speed in time. So possibly C must be CxC rather than 900,000,000 because it is pointing to the impact force of that speed being squared.

I said all that because that has been on my mind beyond this subject of geology and to say, I admit maybe I am wrong about things. So far no one has had the time or ability to prove me wrong on a list of Issues and on many others I agree with people and they didn’t realize it and just thought that we had a conflict. And we don’t. Yes, I am a born again Christian Creationist that believes in a world that has been around for a long time and that Man has only been around for about 6-7000 years but on a whole lot of things I think I agree with most of the things people discuss here. Some times we disagree and I think its great if we argue it out maturely.

The Idea of evolution is that there is variation like a expanding tree with at least one other variant before you. Other than my brother, I don’t see that in nature. I see dogs having a hundred variants but that is due to a different part of way DNA works but not a half dog horse or dog pig or etc. all those variants are missing from the fossil record. And that fossil record doesn’t start till the upper end of the grand staircase. So I wouldn’t expect that land animals would be found through sedimentary layers laid down by oceans. Since Dinosaurs are just under not in the KT boundary I see no evolution at all. No grand daddy Dinosaurs layer by layer under that showing evolution.
The same can be said for humans. There isn’t enough topsoil and mud to have this record or legit fossils and the very apes and other primates are all living today and all the in between are all missing. And that happens with snakes and fish and trees etc. The Oakmaples and TurdleTurkeys and horse dogs don’t exist. And when pigs fly I will believe Geese came from moles. through a chain of events. But none of these things show up in the fossil record.

You could have answered my question, but instead you went off on an entirely different diatribe demonstrating I shouldn’t have bothered asking in the first place. Thanks for saving me the time.

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To similar effect, see Gabby Johnson’s remarks:


What, specifically, are you blaming me for?


People don’t typically want to explore ideas with those who start out by accusing them of deliberate dishonesty–as either hoaxers or hoaxees.

What they have similar necks sort of. You have to have some fun. 4 legged birds and moneys with 6 legs. Or a set of transition from a elephant to a Rhinoceros to a unicorn to a horse to a zebra to a Cheetah. Whats Science without a little fun and a few Crocoducks.

Another model might be the Knave of Hearts’s supposed verses in the trial. There’s not an atom of meaning in it, and if anyone can find any I’ll give him sixpence. But I’m just glad these children were here.

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If “hydrated minerals” are “perfectly fine” for you, then you should be able to describe the chemical processes that turn them into oil, in huge quantities, including both the carbon-source, and the energy source for these large-scale transformations.

Aquifers are a whole different kettle of fish, being far closer to the surface and involving layers of water-permeable rock and sediment.

But in both cases you need to demonstrate both a chemical reaction to turn this water into complex hydrocarbons and sufficiently abundant sources of carbon and energy to fuel this reaction in sufficient quantities to produce the vast amounts of oil that have been (and are being) extracted.

I think micro biology works just fine in the dark and with with heat and without oxygen. It depends on what you are working with. Its why they are making farms with enclosed hoop houses with no oxygen and no light and they produce methane. Something like that. I saw a couple but I am not really interested in those thing and didn’t plan to get into it as a business. When I was installing Geothermal Heat-pumps one of the guys that worked with me for a while wanted to get into that. He had designs etc. But he was to volatile for me. I had to justify a business model that would make me money not just the farmer. And a model that a farmer could get behind.
The Idea of biology happening in the dark under pressure even in steam vents in the ocean with no light is real.

I try not to blame but some times it needed. I like my Moniker and avatar.

The thing that interests me is gravity. That is a topic we all should be working on. That and I guess biology for the sick but Gravity is really where its at. If we can shield from it or attach lines of force to those lines of force.
I have some Ideas about a earlier point that when you double distance you double speed of a object you square the force at the end. So if you run that backwards the slower you go the bigger mass you would have to have to have that same force. If that could apply to gravity possibly a magnetic flux could be turned like a plank or gear by another magnetic flux with no materials involved and by increasing the speed you would need less and less mass to produce force. At some point possibly there would be interaction with gravity or introduction of light or some liquid like water might be a intermediate to create a bridge and Poof you have a clutch between unseen gravity and a space ship.

I rather agree to disagree on the evolution thing… I know God did it. So I have no need to force it… In this setting where there may be some brilliant minds I would love to talk theory and the most craziest Ideas because that is how something sticks. Like the one above. with a few hundred experiments that might work. And the energy needed to life a building off the ground might amount to a 9 volt battery rather than a space ship filled with rocket fuel. Going into space would be like using the force exerted in an elevator if you could simply attach to gravitational lines of force or negate them.

Methane, CH4, is not a complex hydrocarbon. So not even close to oil

In other words, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. You are just throwing things at the wall and hoping that something sticks.

No chemical process for producing complex hydrocarbons, and no specific carbon and energy source (other than the vague suspicion/suggestion that you may be attempting to borrow surface biomass from the explanation-of-oil that you’re trying to discredit).

You really have nothing.

It doesn’t help that you complain about “an attempt to create deep time” but claim not to be a YEC – so it’s also entirely unclear what time-frames you are talking about.


I believe you have confused force with energy. Among other things.

Like I said many times I wish I as a Chemist. I think they are the most important people in the world other than a minister of the gospel . That is a more important science.
I know there is a difference and it happens under the earth all the time and Oil and Methane are side by each. You can make methane in your bowel. Fun fact between a 1/2 a liter to 1.5 liters per day.
Most farts are composed of hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4). Certain gases, in particular hydrogen sulfide H2S, produce a smell of rotten eggs. I cant remember the exact process but you end up with Oil and gas and water and a couple other gasses if I remember correctly. I think every well that exist has Methane on the top of the Oil. And some sour gas too.

I may have. I don’t know. I think once you have motion it comes from force and when it is stopped by an object the force is let back out or transferred.

you are welcome any time to explain the process in the ground.


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you are welcome any time to describe the process off by heart.

You should read the start of the thread. You tell me.

I can listen to a podcast, watch a tV program and make dinner at the same time. At work I can paint a house or tile a floor or put up 70 sheets of drywall and all the while read the audio bible or some random book or radio station and gain knowledge.
If Physics lessons were made for Contractors in nice size bites Every contractor would be a physicist by now. Paper books are great but audio is grander ! you can download it personally but not re-post the actual material. that is what they ask.

I don’t know what process you’re talking about. I was trying to correct your misunderstanding of energy and force. Nothing to do with oil, if that’s what you’re trying to talk about.