Lawsuit Challenges Virginia's Mandatory Race Declarations


Yes, I saw that on the BBC page. It’s about time that we eliminate those old bad laws. So I’m glad to see that they are being challenged.


Weird some of the stuff still on the books. This one is pretty bizarre though.

Strange its there but indeed race is constantly invoked for everything. There really are no races but anyways it must in a free nation be irrelevant about race and marriage.
Free people in a nation marry whoever/opposite sex/age, they want. No purpose to state identity .
Uts good this law disappears. more should go indeed.

Well, my vocabulary has been expanded or else my senior memory is in play because I haven’t heard it for so long: Octoroon. Maybe I did know it and had repressed it – that’s a distinct possibility, since it doesn’t seem to have much utility except in a racist context, therefore being obnoxious and forgettable.

I only recall it from John Jakes’ series of novels. Trashy but good stuff