Long time, no talk!

Hey Everyone! I haven’t been on the forum in a long time! I got real busy with my own academic career. Finally found my niche in the behavioral sciences. Doing some really cool stuff on human sexuality and on ASD. Hoping to start spending time on the forum again as I do miss it. Just wanted to say hey and wish everyone well!


Welcome back! :smile:

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I was just talking about you with another member earlier today! Must be something to this “speak of the Devil” stuff.

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Could you be more specific? Curious.

Also, hi. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you a graduate student? And where are you doing the studying – what school, what department or program?

Hey Eddie. Nice to talk to you. I’m at the University of West Alabama. Psych program in the department of behavioral sciences. With a behavioral neuro, experimental and clinical emphasis. Currently preparing for my GRE as we speak. So grad school is coming up quickly.

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Sure! Basically, research has shown that individuals on the spectrum tend to suffer from problematic sexual behaviors and paraphilias more often than the general population. So I am investigating why this is so, what it can it tell us about these problems in the general population, and determining if ASD individuals respond to treatments in the same way as non ASD individuals, and if not, what is the best way to treat these individuals.


Thanks for your answer, T.j.

Ah, the GRE. That takes me back. Years ago, I taught a prep course for students taking the GRE. I can’t remember which company made up the course, but it had mock exams, with questions either from past exams or similar to those on past exams. What is in each of the sections on the current GRE?

Happens I teach GRE prep. I warn you that it’s an excessively boring subject to discuss.


I didn’t ask for a long discussion, but only for the current breakdown of the sections. That could be stated in one sentence. In any case, if T.j. and I choose to discuss anything, it’s no skin off your nose; you can just mute the discussion or ignore it.

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