Making sense of your climate-denying cranky uncle - Bulletin of the Atomic

Don’t miss the first two comments.


They have a smartphone game too!

This first recommendation (in the excerpt below is important) is critical. I spotted a few errors in @Eddie comment thanks to learning some basics in climate science.

On this note, I would encourage everyone to take the University Of British Columbia climate literacy course. I didn’t formally enrol, but I got the videos in order on YouTube. It is quite insightful but it will require you know some basic chemistry and physics (and if you don’t have that background, you can still learn a lot). Enjoy Dr Sara Harris (on the basics of climate science) and Dr Sarah Burch (on the other aspects of the climate change situation).

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One I’ve been seeing recently that I just don’t understand is:

If climate change is real, why do rich people keep buying beach front property?!


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