Massive Undersea Eruption Filled Atmosphere with Water

This article made me think of creationist flood canopy models (which I admittedly know nothing about except they’ve mostly been abandoned by creation scientists). I thought it was interesting, especially if it might give those ideas a reboot.

Why? This is a good science article, canopy model is nonsense.

The Vapor Canopy has been mostly abandoned for good reason. Nevertheless, you are probably right that those ideas will get a reboot. :slight_smile:

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So I can reuse my comments about algae growth in the vapor canopy as a source of biomatter to supplement terrestrial plants during flood-year coal and gas production?.

To the best of my knowledge the question of how the water got up there was never a major issue - the fatal problems were the effects of the canopy being up there and the effects of it all falling to Earth in a relatively short time. This report doesn’t make any difference there (if anything it emphasises the problems of having large amounts of water up in the stratosphere).

So, nothing of significance has changed. The “vapor canopy” is no more tenable than before. But people will seize on news reports.

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From the few sentences I’ve read the problem was the water being up there from the beginning of creation (because it would cause global warming). But because of biblical descriptions “the fountains of the great deep were broken up” and this research, now it requires an explanation of how the stratosphere would not hold that water but it would instead cause constant rainfall. Perhaps that’s very simple to explain or very difficult. I have no idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

It definitely makes me more interested in reading about it.

From the article…

In all, the plume shot approximately 146 billion kilograms of water into Earth’s stratosphere, an arid layer of the atmosphere that begins several miles above sea level, the authors report this month in Geophysical Research Letters. That’s equivalent to about 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools, or about 10% of the entire water content of the stratosphere

For a sense of perspective, the capacity of the Lake Mead reservoir is 25,877,000 acre feet, times 1 af equals 1.233e+6 litres for about 32,000,000,000,000 litres at full pool. The Earth’s surface is 510,000,000,000,000 square meters, which works out to less than 3 ml of water per square meter, hardly enough to dampen the ground, let alone contribute to a global flood. So the total stratospheric water enrichment is less than 1% of lake mead reservoir; significant for atmospheric effects, but quantitatively irrelevant to canopy models.

In any event, it is not as if the history of the atmosphere is a blank unknown into which a canopy theory can be projected. We have a fairly detailed temperature and composition record from stable isotope analysis of tree ring records, oceanic and lake varves, and cave accretions, for the past tens of thousands of years Actual atmospheric inclusions from ice cores extend that to hundreds of thousands of years. Volcanic events can be correlated in these records. It is likely that the oxygen portion of the atmosphere peaked during the Carboniferous period, permitting those giant sized insects and crawlies. The various mineralization of the Earth’s crust are only possible under specific conditions of atmospheric composition, so we can see the photosynthesis driven great oxidation of two billion years ago. The greater part of the carbon now locked in the Earth’s crust as hydrocarbons and limestone once shrouded the planet as gas, and the composition of the primordial atmosphere would have registered over 90% CO2 such as for Venus and Mars.

The original paper:
The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Hydration of the Stratosphere

Lots of videos communicating biomineralization and geochemistry…
Geo Girl YouTube channel

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The “vapor canopy” is supposedly the “waters above the firmament” from Genesis 1:7, so there on day 2 of the YEC chronology.

I think that using them to supply water for the Flood is more an attempt to explain why the “water’s above the firmament” aren’t there than to explain where the water came from.

As Ron points out the canopy would have to hold a lot more water to be significant in terms of the Flood. With correspondingly greater problems.


Well phooey! I just lost the comment I was editing. Rather than re-create it I will just note: A Global Flood within the laws of physics has dire consequences - meaning every living thing dies, parboiled by live steam. Getting around the dire consequence requires miracles all the way down, which is fine if you like miracles, but it abandons all pretense at a scientific explanation.

May I recommend:

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