Mathematical Analysis of Natural Rafting

Not a good paper. The amount of evidence ignored in it about rafts is pretty darn bad. But the ID crowd likes using these type of arguments to argue against common ancestry:

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Rafting appears to be possible in some cases.
In 1995, fishermen witnessed the colonisation of the island of Anguilla in the West Indies by iguanas. These were washed up on one of the island’s eastern beaches, having floated there on a mat of logs and uprooted trees, a few weeks after two hurricanes hit the islands of the Lesser Antilles. Scientists believed that the iguanas had rafted 320 km from Guadeloupe.


What makes the article horrible?

Really just the amount of evidence ignored. All this talk of starvation and dehydration is odd since we know, because we have directly observed them (I’m tracking down a video. Stay tuned.), that some rafts are so large that they have their own freshwater and food source. Check out this paper. Especially the supplementary materials:

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Check this one out:

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Madagascar would also be my example of how unlikely rafting actually ever did do anything.
If it had been millions of years then why did Africa not fill this close island time and time again?
Why are the creatures on the isle not in Africa? Why so few? why so much spectrum of diversity?
Creationists know it was only a few thousand years. Yet this too does not explain the islands poverity.
Instead it seems the water between is excellent in keeping everyone apart. Even the Africans never got there but some Asians instead.
Instead its more likely the island was connected by land, ;lower sea level, and then flooded with only creatures that lived in trees and happanchance surviving.
This fits in with biblical boundaries . A general lower sea level is needed to fill the earth and then a rise to separate it.
They try to say monkeys sailed the ocean blue from Africa to americas.
Naw. Just lines of reasoning that lead to impossible conclusions.