Michael Behe and His Critics

@swamidass Another Evolution News about you and PS. And now EN is placing links in their stories directly to PS forum as we were hoping for. (Thanks DI for showing all your followers where to find us at PS) Now if only more folks including Axe and Behe can come to PS for a dialog on the science.


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Yes. That is commendable (placing links in their articles which risk taking readers to websites with opposing views.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen Answers in Genesis do that, even when quoting from and criticizing other websites and organizations. Indeed, if ENV readers follow the link to Dr. Gauger’s comments, they will also be able to read Dr. Swamidass’ follow-up, including this post:

I am still hopeful that Dr. Gauger’s very helpful participation on Peaceful Science will lead to Drs. Behe and Axe joining us as well. Yes, answering critics through one’s books and articles is important but there is nothing quite like a “real time” dialogue between scientists in an active on-line forum.

Moreover, when Christ-followers of very different positions on origins-matters courteously dialogue and peacefully disagree in public forums, we stand in sharp contrast to the most divisive conflicts which many tend to associate with Christians. So the value is not just in the science. There is great value in how we do and discuss the science.


Look at how the world has changed since Behe published his first book 20 some years ago. Once his new book gets published, it is going to be sliced and diced by every faction on origins debate. Cultural lines will be drawn and redrawn. Hopefully, a meaningful discussion on the science can be done somewhere. Perhaps PS can be that place.

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