Missing the Point on Ewert

We are just breaking ground and stating our position- no problems

You both should be able to see this now. Let’s do a reset. I’ll answer in a moment.

How can that be? It doesn’t make any sense that then evidence is independent of any mechanism especially given the mechanism determines the pattern. And until you have some way to test your claim- about gene regulation being the difference- you don’t have any science to support your claim.

@JoeG watch it. You are starting to cross a line here. He does have evidence. You are just ignorant of it. Ask him to explain the evidence to you. Do not declare you ignorance as an argument like that.

Common Descent is an argument from ignorance. The fact of the matter is we do not know of such mechanisms. Period.

Look I don’t care about arguments from authority. Provide the evidence

Umm, I am not as ignorant as you think. So perhaps you should watch the line.

Phrase it as a question then. It is difficult ot engage when you confidently declare there is no evidence when there is. I’ll slow down. I want to hear your point. But don’t assume there is no explanation. Maybe there is and you don’t know of it.

A common design explains that.

What? Common Design came first. That is how I know that arguments for common design have merit- they are stolen and used as evidence for Common Descent.

We’ve been over this and I have no interest in doing it again

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Yes, a common design explains it. Common Descent isn’t even testable.

Common design has been on the table since Linnaeus.

Don’t. It remains you don’t have a mechanism capable of Common Descent. You don’t have one to produce eukaryotes

As soon as common design is brought up I know the evidence for common descent is compelling. I think we are done here.

Thanks you but I don’t see how that helps the case for Common Descent. As I have said we have fully sequenced both the chimp and human genomes but we are no where near mapping the anatomical and physiological differences to the genetic differences. And if Drs Sermonti and Denton are right we never will as there aren’t any such mappings to be had.

I can explain the differences between the two species. What I was asking for is a mechanism that can account for them if they shared a common ancestor.

It doesn’t explain the anatomical and physiological differences. It can’t and was never meant to.

Both Dr.s Denton and Sermonti say that the genomes do not determine form- influence, yes, determine, no.

This has nothing to do with common descent. We are helping you answer the question you raised. The biology here is really interesting. Don’t miss it.

You are going to have to read up on The Neutral Theory of Evolution. That Explains the vast majority of the data.