More about sexual selection in the New York Times

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There is no such thing as beauty. There is only accuracy in symmetry. Because we live mostly in accuracy we imagine beauty exists and is special. it actually just shows Gods accuracy in nature.

There is no such thing as @Robert_Byers :wink:


More NY Times journalism on biology:
For those who read Reich’s Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past : NYT magazine has an extended article on the impact of this work in archaeology, including how it has divided archaeologists.

The second half of the article has some scientific gossip on the infighting in the communities and the unusual review process leading to publication of one of Reich’s Nature articles.

The article spends too long on background and biography for my tastes. It also likely pushes the controversy aspect too far. Nonetheless, I found the latter half of the article interesting.

Probably paywalled.

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