Nathan Lents Survives COVID-19


Welp, friends, by now I’ve “come out” to most of my loved ones already, but I’m going to be doing a public event about COVID on Thursday, and I’m sure it’s going to come up, so…

I contracted COVID-19. I have been totally symptom-free for three days now and mostly so for about six days, so I would say that I’m in the clear. I’m okay now and no one else in my family has shown any symptoms. I think they’re in the clear also.

I was sick for 20 days. It was mostly a mild case, thank gawd. Only two days was I so sick that I stayed in bed all day. I did go to urgent care around day 11 when I felt that pneumonia was beginning to set in. It was and I received medications that began working right away. The late afternoon fevers were the last symptom to hold on but they finally subsided as well.

My husband and I decided to keep my illness from our families and friends until I had recovered because we knew that it would only add to the excessive worry and there was nothing that anyone could do anyway. If you have questions about my experience, I’ll be happy to answer them below.

I’m sharing this article from someone who, like me, was very healthy and “in shape” and still suffered from this bug. She sounds like she’s in better shape than I am and yet had a far worse case of COVID. This virus is arbitrary and capricious. It’s often worse for the elderly and those with medical vulnerabilities, but Ms. Rona can visit anyone and make them very sick. This is no joke (and no hoax).


Glad you are doing well @NLENTS We are hunkered down here in NJ. Safe so far there are thousands of cases all around us. Given that my wife and I are in our 60s we are worried and have been isolating for a month even though we don’t have any of the underlying conditions. I hope you continue to improve and your family is fine as well.


As for the public event, it is tomorrow night. Tune in at 8pm CDT, on Zoom or Facebook.


Thanks, Patrik. Yes everyone is healthy and safe. And I’m assuming we’re all immune to COVID19 at least for a while. No one knows how long immunity lasts but data from China seems to indicate that re-infection is impossible or very rare at least for a while.


Would love to see and discuss that data here at PS.