New Cambrian Research

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A very interesting article (the link to the paper is in the article) on linking the Ediacaran and Cambrian biota

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Haven’t looked at the paper super closely yet but if it’s findings are accurate it suggests the fossil record is telling us what the molecular data has been telling us for a while now. That there was a deep divergence of animals. Sometime in the Precambrian.

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The link is broken.

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Thanks. In light of this, was there really an “explosion” of body types in the Cambrian or was it gradual over tens of millions of years from the Ediacaran through the Cambrian eras?

(Dr. Patrick Trischitta) #6

Yes a large expansion of different animal forms but its seems to have happened over a longer time period to be calling it “explosive”.

(Mark M Moore) #7

@T.j_Runyon what people make of the data from the paper is one thing, but all the data from the paper is actually saying is that a member of the Ecidarian Fauna lived into the early part of the Cambrian, and is now classified as an animal. Does this push back the “origin of animals”? It might though I thought sponges were around well before the Cambrian too. It doesn’t change anything about the scale and swiftness of change where 70 phyla of life spring up within a very short geological time. It just says this one pre-Cambrian creature survived a bit into the Cambrian, instead of going very rapidly extinct like the rest of the Ecidarian fauna when all this new stuff showed up. It is not even claiming this creature evolved into anything else.

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Out playing baseball with my buds. I’ll give you my thoughts later