No, Dragons Were Not Dinosaurs

More on AiG and dragons and dinosaurs.

i as a YEC creationist agree that dragons were not dinos. first because dinos never existed but are misidentified KINDS existing or extinct. Then the historic Christian idea on the origin of dragons was that it proved a original common story of the talking, walking, serpent in EDEN. it was remembered and always talked about and after the flood people took the story and corrupted it yet had universal main points. Thus it endured.
Creationists should reject the dino concept. There are so many more reasons its wrong. Like the fossil record shows great numbers of large “mammal” creatures now extinct that more likely, still not likely, would be the models for dragons.
This is a very wrong trail for those YEC writers who like this idea.

Then what is this at the Mecca of YECism - the Creation Museum:

Come visit Ebenezer, a full-size Allosaurus skeleton with what is believed to be one of the six or seven best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever discovered.

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Proof that if you get 3 YECs in a room, you’ll get 4 different, mutually contradictory and mutually refuting reasons as to why evolution and/or an Old Earth are impossible? :wink:


You really can’t do any better when you reject the only tools that can help you judge between pseudoscientific ideas. This was a cool video though in light of the OP: