Official Launch of the Forum

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Peaceful Science does not fit into any of the existing “camps” in origins. We want to find common ground for everyone who wants to find a Christ-centered and non-confrontational relationship with mainstream science. We hope to serve the Church with an accurate account of science, a high view of Scripture, and a genuine bid for peace.…

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A Growing Forum (Status Update)
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Special thanks to @Brad_Kramer of BioLogos who first suggested that I launch this forum about six months ago. That was a great suggestion. Thanks!

We are now past the soft launch. It is now official.

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Please promote this in your networks @Guy_Coe, @Revealed_Cosmology, @jongarvey, @Agauger, @vjtorley, and everyone else. Peace.


As you know, Joshua, other ‘networks’ have already been made aware. Hopefully other media channels probing Peaceful Science can find some way onto the conversation map here as well. Perhaps there’s some reason to solemnise it, though in my view it was already ‘official’ the moment you launched the Forum by posting the first post & inviting others. :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

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We had a rough week of growing pains, and need to set some forum rules and scope to keep us on track. Ill be posting on this soon and inviting comment. Hope this hasn’t been too wild of a ride for everyone.

Tentative Forum Goals and Policy
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We’ve settled on an improved disclaimer. Please cite this, especially when you know you are posting that is controversial in mainstream science (Forum Disclaimer). The good news is that we are going to keep this open, without adding tight control or new rules for the moment.

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Wow… almost a whole year arguing over things other than Genealogical Adam… it was thrilling.

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